Safety Planning

One way to manage intense situations is to plan for them. You can do this by creating your own personalized plan for what to do to prevent emotional fires, manage if you are in an emotional fires, and learn what “Stop, Drop, and Roll” steps you can take if you are engulfed in an emotional fire.

Caring Cards

There are few resources for people hospitalized for suicidal thoughts, self-injury, and suicide attempts.  This “business” card was developed to share Email it to your local print shop and share it any way you like. Write a caring message on the back. This link is to a Google folder and sometimes access is limited by your organization. Try it on your phone or home computer.


These are posters designed by our Team – including what to do in an emotional fire. Feel free to download and print yourself or email to your local print shop.


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Coming Out

Things to consider when coming out about your own suicidal experience. Here are guidelinesLive Through This features examples.

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Members of  Team Now Matters Now support Facebook’s ongoing suicide prevention efforts. This work was highlighted in the New York Times.

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